About Ultimate Performance

The world’s leading body composition coaches

Who we are

Ultimate Performance is widely recognised as the world’s leading personal training business. We have forged a reputation as the fitness industry’s foremost body transformation experts because we know exactly what it takes to get results.

We have worked with thousands of successful personal training clients over the past decade to deliver exceptional body transformations at our 13 gyms worldwide that span eight countries and four continents. What sets us apart from any other personal training business on the planet is a results-driven ethos, and scientific training and nutrition methodologies that are at our core. ‘Maximum results, minimum time’ is the mantra that every one of our elite personal trainers lives and dies by.

This is why Men’s Fitness endorse U.P. as ‘The Goldman Sachs, Real Madrid and Apple of Personal Training. They’re that far ahead of the field.’.

What we do

Ultimate Performance is a global leader in the art and science of body transformation. We work intimately with every single personal training client to achieve results they never thought possible. U.P. training methodologies are designed to get the absolute maximum benefit from every single session. Our diet programming and nutrition education help clients make dramatic and lasting changes to their health, lifestyle and body composition.

It’s never just that hour in the gym – every client has a dedicated personal trainer to offer support, guidance and education around the clock that enables them to achieve their goals. No stone is left unturned by our trainers to deliver results, from sleep strategies and stress management, to smart supplementation and lifestyle optimisation. We pride ourselves on giving each client the knowledge on the training and nutrition that works best for their body, so they can maintain their results for life.

Client testimonials

Vicky's 20 week transformation

I don't think I've ever had a body shape as good as this - even as a teenager.

For me, actually one of the biggest parts of the process has been changing my relationship with food in quite a fundamental way. My eating habits are just so much better now.

Vicki U.P. Mayfair Client

As long as you come in with the discipline, these guys will train you to within an inch of your life, and one bit further.

“You achieve goals you never thought were achievable; you get to where you want to be faster than you thought possible.

Andy U.P. Mayfair Client
Dee's 22 week transformation

Everything you do here is focused on your results. This environment breathes it. The encouragement you get is amazing.

When you see people achieving great results then it drives you to achieve those results.

Dee U.P. London City Client
Mike's 33 week transformation

I feel 10 years younger since starting at U.P. I’ve dropped from 115.4kg to 75.9kg.

The whole environment at U.P. is positive, encouraging and everyone is genuinely interested in progression.

I wouldn’t have achieved my results without the constant advice, support and encouragement from my trainer.

Mike U.P. Mayfair Client
Kelly's 18 week transformation

I couldn’t recommend UP highly enough. They are truly the best at what they do.

Their knowledge and ability to personalise a program to an individual’s needs is extremely impressive.

I’ve loved their 360-degree approach to the transformation – looking at diet, exercise, sleep, digestion, and hormonal impact.

I feel like UP has given me the fundamentals to continue my journey.

Kelly U.P. Mayfair Client